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Classic Design, Modern Amenities, Quality Construction, & Personal Attention; That is HILL HOUSE DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION

As second generation builders, Aaron and Leslie offer decades of experience to every project they design and build. Quality and classic design are the foundation of their homes. Aaron has built solid relationships with contractors and suppliers; this translates to a consistent, high quality product.

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Aaron is the son of a home builder and grew up learning the trade hands-on. He leans on his background in home construction and his education in Business and Accounting to budget projects and see that they are built to highest standards. He is a graduate of the Baylor University School of Business with a BBA and Masters in Accounting.

Leslie was an esthetician for many years prior to working in design. Her love of all things aesthetics made it an easy transition into the role of designing the homes they build.

Aaron and Leslie have been happily married for more than 20 years and love working together.

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Hill House Design & Construction is a full service residential construction company. We are with you from the initial design, through the entire building process, and beyond. We strive to give you quality service and a finished product you can be proud to call home.

We will spend numerous hours working along side you answering questions and helping you create your dream home. Custom building is a truly creative art. We care about the details as much as you do. Our goal is to make the process of building a home personal and enjoyable. Below is a gallery of photos as a small sample of the custom homes we've designed and built.

For more photos, please visit our Instagram page.

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The beauty of custom home building are the endless options available to you. But, without guidance this can be overwhelming. We will walk you through each part of the design process to find just the right materials to achieve the home you’ve been envisioning. After years of helping clients, we have fine-tuned a unique process to accomplish this.

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We have been in the industry for over 20 years; we have established relationships with suppliers and subcontractors that allow us access to materials and pricing that are not necessarily offered to other builders. We pass on these advantages to our clients. We would love the opportunity to discuss in more detail how we strive to reestablish trust in the client / builder relationship. We believe communication is the foundation of a successful construction project. 

"Real experts don't claim to be experts. They focus on their skills and not on themselves. This is a collective pulse check to consciously consume and keep letting your creative gifts do the talking for you. Real experts demonstrate humility, there is a quiet confidence, an openness for continued learning, intellectual honesty, meaningful contributions to their field, a portfolio that speaks for itself and a vast depth of knowledge." -Alyssa Rosenheck

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"Thanks as always Aaron. Once again it's been a pleasure to work with you- Keep an eye out for a lot, one more time!"

"I have people ask me constantly about our experience with our builder and I'm always singing their praises. Aaron and Leslie were amazing and exceeded every expectation. They truly cared as much or more about the details than we did. From design to implementation, they were exceptional. Aaron even came by a few weeks after we were done and greased hinges and tightened doors knobs etc., they are true craftsmen."

Mary Slape

The Ecklers

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We build in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. We would love to meet with you to discuss how we can help you achieve the home you’ve been dreaming of.


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